Saturday, August 10, 2013

Candy Crush Cottage

Here it is August...I may not be keeping my blog up Weekly but at least I'm able to check in once a month.  Life just seems to be moving along way too fast this year.  A lot has happened within the family and with me.  Been struggling a lot with physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  God has once again proven his unfailing love and patience . My husband and I have finally found a church home and I have rededicated my life to Him.  This means I don't have as much time for my Sims as in the past but I'll still be checking in with them from time to time.  Sims allow me a creative outlet :-).

So, I tried another building challenge but didn't have as much time for it for the decor and landscaping.  I figure Simmers can improve those areas as they like. I am still pleased with the outcome even if the 'judges' don't think it has much curb appeal.  I like the floor layout and will probably redecorate and stuff for my own Sims as I have time.  That to me is part of the fun. I don't like downloading lots with too many decorations and landscaping as I usually end up redoing it anyway.  I just like to download shells and upgrade them to my own 'taste'.  Below is my entry and if you haven't checked out the builder's thread you may want to.  There are plenty of great builds even plenty of CC free content which is what I prefer.

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