Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello Simmers,

I guess I'll quit apologizing for not keeping my blog up better :-).  Just seems like there's one thing after another any more.   This year started off with my dad in the hospital from neck surgery (didn't respond well to medications and there was time needed to get him back to thinking straight).   My mother-in-law was diagnosed with bladder cancer and has survived the surgery but will start treatments in May to make sure all of the cancer is gone and it's not progressing.  My own mom has been in assisted living for 2 years now.  Yesterday news was the best from the kidney specialist.  Depending on the outcome of her bloodwork, they may want to start dialysis.  However, with my mom's age and current quality of life, this may turn into a decision I don't want to make but have to make based on her living will and verbal wishes to me.  I still play the sims but not as often as I'd like.  I keep telling my hubby I'm just going to have to start taking at least one day a month off from work to catch up on my sims :-).  I have enough vacation to do that but saving it, not knowing what the future holds for my parents and mother-in-law.  So, while I may not be keeping the blog up as much as I'd like, please be sure to check out my Sims 3 page and Pinterest.  Pinterest is a little bit easier for me to keep up with as far as creations.

I'm not closing my blog, as I will still continue the story lines I have or create new one's.  Just may be a while before I can upload them here.

I have started watching the Walking Dead and though I do not like Zombies and have never been a Zombie movie/show follower, this series is interesting enough with the story line and characthers that I can live with the Zombie aspect.  A good simmer friend of mine (exotickitten) has created two Sims based on this show.  I have added Darryl to my blog as he is one of my favorite characters too from the show.  Below are both characters, in case you want Shane in your sims world (I prefer not to have him in my Sims world as I didn't like the character, not bad on the eyes but just didn't care for his character :-))

Shane Walsh by Exotickitten

Daryl Dixon by Exotickitten
I'm not sure if I ever recommended the below world but if you haven't checked it out, it is worth it.  Houses are following the same theme as the name and there's even marshmallow yards :-)

Cake Island 2 by Rflong7
Below is one of my most recent and popular downloads.  Please remember to rec'd if you like this one.  I'm still trying to earn that one badge for 1000 rec's :-)

University Balloon by Cbn036

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