Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I just wanted to drop in so people who may stop by don't think I don't keep up with my blog.  I've had some family situations which prevented me from keeping my blog up.  Yes, it's been since October...seems like once I got back from vacation time just slipped away too quickly with one family scenario after another (in real life not Sims).

I am now in a new year with a co-worker on maternity leave, husband with the flu and myself battling some sort of virus.  I will be back with more creations/links. At this point it may be early March before I can start blogging regularly.  I do check for comments so if you send me a link to your creation I will link it so my site stays up to date.

I did watch the live broadcast today and this year looks to be promising for the Sims 3.

Take care simmers and don't give up on this least not quite yet :-)

P.S. I have managed a few recolors if you care to check them out, recommend and/or download from the Sims 3 site:

Ying Yang Acrobat (

The below two recolors are one of my favorite sets.  I pair these together for a sleeping out fit. These are base game patterns.


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