Saturday, September 8, 2012

The weekend is here and there is an update to my Chet Bumpkin story...please be sure to check that out! :-)
I have installed Super Natural and that's taking up a lot of my time to try and learn all the new aspects of that pack.  I do like the items/interactions but I am not particular fond of the Zombies.  The options to control these creatures may or may not work. I'm still tweaking those settings.  I absolutely love the alchemy station and currently playing a household with a witch and fairy. I didn't realize the two were enemies until I got my prima guide.  Funny as my two seem to be getting along just fine and are best of friends!  The witch is actually using the Fairy as her apprentice.  The Fairy collects all of the ingredients for the potions while the Witch shares her knowledge of magic with the Fairy.  Below is the link to this household if you with to download them into your own game.  Please if you can, recommend also.

In local news, there's an 8 foot pregnant python loose a few miles from home.  Closer to my work & the airport than my actual home.  I just told a co-worker yesterday about wouldn't it be something if that snake crawled into a plane and had her 20+ babies! We would have a real-life version of 'Snakes on a Plane' in that case.  This is no joke, this is really happening.  As far as I know the Python is still on the loose.  One lady at work is petrified as she lives really close to the 'incident'.  I personally could probably use a little squeezing so if it gets a hold of me maybe it will squeeze the excess fat out of me! :-)

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